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Slot Car Racing with Jay Leno.

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Jay Leno Slot Cars

Way back when, before the advent of video games, kids got their jollies for racing automobiles by putting together slot car tracks. Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s companies like AFX and Mattel sold all manner of racetrack that could be purchased at your local hobby shop and put together in as many ways as your imagination could take you. In the 1990’s however, video games really caught their stride and unfortunately the old slot car tracks got pushed to the wayside. Trackbuilder David Beattie of Slot Mods in Detroit, Michigan however is trying to bring a little old school racing back by creating some of the best slot car tracks in existence. Every track is hand made and takes between two and three months to create. David can build you everything from a full on custom raceway, to replicas of your favorite tracks like Leguna Seca or Daytona. Here we see certified car nut Jay Leno reliving a little bit of his youth, while speaking to David Beattie about how he’s reinvented the slot car track. Click through for the video.

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