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Skate Park Vespa?

Posted in Hoonage, Stunts, Videos by MrAngry | October 9th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |


For some people the idea of riding a scooter is a little demoralizing. I mean let’s face it, most guys would rather have a motorcycle, but sometimes economics, space or skill simply prevent this from happening. What most people don’t realize though are that the scooters are the real winners here. They’re compact, narrow and with a little work, can be made to be very quick. They’re also perfect for things like splitting lanes, parking and oh yeah… ripping up the neighborhood skate park. This is Boulon, the funny looking Frenchman who enjoys causing havoc where most scooter pilots would never dare tread. His ride of choice is a 50cc Vespa that looks to be primarily stock except for a set of modified handlebars. Now granted, his skill is nothing compared to someone like Travis Pastrana, but you’ve got to admit it’s pretty cool watching this guy put the little Vespa through its paces.

Source: RalfBecker.com

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