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Six Pack Rat: ’44 Troop Carrier Hotrod

Posted in Chevrolet, Custom, Dodge, History, Hot Rods, Trucks by Dustin Driver | May 31st, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

There’s something about olive-drab slabs of steel, fat-walled knobby tires, and near indestructibility. Military vehicles are just inspiring. This is the Six Pack Rat, built by Sean Hartman. It’s a six-wheeled ’44 troop carrier with a ’35 Dodge body, powered by a ’66 Chevelle driveline. Oh, and the troop carrier chassis has been flipped upside down to get the thing to ride just three inches off the ground. Only its wheels are olive green, but it’s one of the coolest military-insired/based ‘rods I’ve ever seen. Happy Memorial Day! Hit the jump for more photos.

Source: Just a Car Guy

Photos: Just a Car Guy

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