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Singer Vehicle Designs 911: Sweet Mother Of God, I Want One

Posted in Classic, Cool Stuff, Corner Carvers, Expensive Cars, General, Porsche by Kurt Ernst | August 7th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Singer Designs 911

I’m not generally a big fan of 911s, which is near sacrilege for a guy with German heritage and 10w40 in his veins. Sure, I lusted after them as a kid, but in my adult life I’ve driven enough of them in the cold, hard light of day to be somewhat underwhelmed. I don’t have the bank for a new one, and any 911 I can afford will be expensive to maintain, and only moderately fast.

Singer Designs 911

I never thought I’d add another 911 to my $2,000,000 list, but Singer Vehicle Designs just changed my mind. Their 911 recreations have me salivating at my monitor like a pit bull over a postman’s leg. Take a look at these pictures and tell me the Singer 911s aren’t the sexiest Porsche 911s that have ever roamed the planet.

Singer starts by taking early 1980s Porsche 911s and stripping them down to the chassis. What’s left gets braced and stiffened before the roll cage is bolted in and the carbon fiber body panels go on. Next, the motor gets a GT3 crank, titanium rods and a separate throttle body for each of the six cylinders. Singer claims the motor is good for 450 horsepower, and I sure as hell hope they’ve beefed up the oil cooler significantly to handle the extra ponies. A six speed transmission, built by Getrag, puts the power to the ground, and Brembo brakes make sure the Singer 911 stops as good as it goes. Stock suspension is replaced by a Bilstein coilover suspension, allowing the customer to dial in the ride for duties ranging from a cross country trip to a hard day at the track.

Singer Designs 911

Singer claims their reworked 911s will hit sixty from a standing start in just under four seconds, on the way to a top speed of over 170 miles per hour. As you’d expect, all this hand-built, carbon fiber Porsche goodness doesn’t come cheap: Singer won’t give an exact price, but does say that one of their reworked 911s comes in at under $200,000.

Singer Designs 911

That kind of money buys you a 2010 911 Turbo or GT3 RS with damn near every option box checked. In many ways, both are far superior to the Singer 911s; they’ll be more comfortable, they’ll be faster, they’ll handle better and they’ll probably turn almost as many heads. For me, that’s not enough, because the new Porsches just don’t have the same soul of the Singer Porsches. I’m going to start playing Powerball regularly, and I promise you this: if I hit $5 million or more, I’ll be dropping in to place my order for a Singer 911.

Source: DUB Daily

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2 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Kurt says:

    Tina, keep me posted on anything new from you guys. As soon as I hit the Megamillion jackpot, I’ll be placing my order.