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Since we’re on the subject of Batman…

Posted in Celebrity Cars, Cool Stuff, Movies by MrAngry | June 25th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

That’s right, I just couldn’t go the rest of the day without posting just one more piece of cool Batman info. Director Christopher Nolan is in the midst of planning out Batman 3, so when this crazy Tumbler style golf cart was spotted on the Warner Bros. studio lot people just assumed it was the directors. But HA HA!! This wicked little golf club toting animal actually belongs to a random Batman super fan who just like to cruise in style.

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

Supposedly this thing even makes Tumbler style sounds. Look closely at this thing for a minute to see just how crazy the builder got with this thing. They’ve installed Sparco racing seats, projector style headlamps, and a split-screen windshield up front. Out back the owner has built their own custom rear shock towers to hold the 4 off-road tires on custom rims. They surround what I can only hope is a real turbine engine.

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

I don’t know if director Christopher Nolan has seen this thing yet, but if he hasn’t you can almost bet that he’ll be dishing out some nice coin to get his hands on it. Hell, I’d pay money for this bad boy just to have it in the garage and don’t live anywhere near a golf course.

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  1. Amit Ahuja says:

    at what price would it be on sale after the completion of movie