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Sic Semper Pilot Programs? Richmond Wants Your Help in Securing GM and Ford EVs

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In case you happen to be a fan of the capital city of the Old Dominion, we’re throwing this one out to the blogosphere. STIR (the Sustainable Transportation Initiative of Richmond) is seeking to make Richmond, VA one of the 10 cities selected for an EV pilot program. Both Ford and GM want to test their EV concepts in 10 metropolitan areas, and so STIR is conducting an online poll that functions as a petition, which will be used to get local and statewide interest in attracting the project to Richmond. Click through for info about how to support STIR’s bid.

<i>Ford/Segway Puma, one of the vehicles in the pilot program.</i>

Ford/Segway Puma, one of the vehicles in the pilot program.

By way of explanation, we don’t have any particular relationship with either STIR or Richmond (or the EV program, for that matter), so if you feel like your city should get the nod rather than those Blue Ridge Mountain-loving mid-Atlantic folks, then feel free to organize a group and we’ll promote it here too. If you’re not too picky, and want to help support some green initiatives in the South, then go to STIR’s website, look in the lower right corner for the “Insta Survey” button, and click away.

[Thanks to Dan for the tip!]

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