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Show your car some love… clean it right.

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Once you have your car you might want to take good care of it. Whether it is your dream car that you plan to have forever or a just for now car that you plan to resell or trade in, it is never a bad decision to take good care of your car.

So the people at Autopia.org have made an exhaustive list of some of the do’s and don’t’s (that good English) and a handy interior maintenance schedule to help you take good care of your ride. Everything from the carpet, leather, vinyl, plastic and so on is├é┬ácompiled with detailed descriptions for the best results.
Take a look at their Weekly Cleaning Recommendations after the leap.

Here’s what they recommend as a weekly routine for the interior:

  1. Wipe down all vinyl, leather and plastic surfaces with an interior detail spray. I like the products from Meguiar’s and Sonus. A microfiber detailing towel is excellent for this task, as it will leave a lint-free, dust-free finish.
  2. Pull out your floor mats, and shake or brush off the dirt and debris.
  3. Pick up trash (that old banana peel you tossed into the backseat), and empty the ashtray and console storage bins.
  4. Wipe down your door jambs and doorsills with a damp towel.
  5. Wipe down your interior glass and your rearview mirror with a damp microfiber detailing towel. If your windows are relatively clean, you don’t need to use a glass cleaner.

Head on over to Autopia.org for a complete rundown on the best solutions for the proper car of your cars interior. You change your oil regularly to help prevent the wear and tear on your engine. Why not put the same care into the cabin compartment of your ride?

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