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Should Car Manufacturers Bring Back Exact Replica Models?

Posted in Design by Ryan | September 11th, 2007 | 6 Responses |

While it makes sense for car manufacturers to release new variations on their current models every 5 years or so, I wonder if the public would be ready for some almost exact replicas from the past. Some of the most successful niche vehicles in recent history have been remakes of past legends, or at least hybrids between new and old. Think the new Beetle from VW or the Mustang from Ford. Even the PT Cruiser.

It seems to me that the first car company to start a line of exact replicas (of course with modern engines and parts) would gain a very large market and face zero competition.

While not an exact replica, one of the concept cars I’m most excited about is the Chrysler Challenger. Pure Muscle:

Chrysler Challenger

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6 Responses

  1. SSlade says:

    I would definately be in the market for an exact replica with modern internals. In fact they should do it within the next two or so years. It will be time for me to upgrade vehicles then and I would be the first in line to buy an exact replica mustang or comaro.

  2. Brad says:

    While it seems nice and would get a lot of people the dream cars they have been wishing for, I don’t think it is that great of an idea. For one you would put the people still making parts or selling parts for those older cars out of business. As well it would diminish the value of the real classics. Sure some people would still buy them. But who wants to drive around a car that gets very poor MPG and not even all that great of power (compared to current day cars) with very high maintenance when you can just go out and buy a modern day replica, except for true enthusiast? As I said before, I would love to have an old Muscley RWD beast, but if you can just buy it all pretty, you don’t have to work on it or be a part of it, does it make it worth it? Maybe for some, but they would only appreciate it at face value. Just my two cents.

  3. Ryan says:

    Brad, those are really good points. I guess I wouldn’t mind a few minor changes to the new replica models to distinguish them…but damn i’d love to drive that black GT 500 with modern internals.

  4. Dee says:

    I do agree a bit with Brad. As much as I would like to buy.. say the black 1967 Mustang GT-500 in the first picture above that you like so well.. the replica wouldn’t be as much value to me as owning the original… but it will also hurt those who do have the classics.

    They do sell Eleanor Kit cars, if you’re willing to spend the buck. You can buy just the kit to make your classic pony look like one or can get the packages that include the car, which I think is a better deal. The package with the car included is roughly $46-54K, depending whether you want the basic Eleanor look or the convertible.

    I feel that the modern cars that take a little of the old, like the Mustang and the upcoming Camaro and Challenger, are pleasing enough.

    The new Challenger is something worth looking at.. and there’s a good chance that a test drive is in order. The Charger, though full of power, was a disappointment to me.. not only the looks but the fact that they made it a 4-door sedan, ripped away my images of the old muscle car I have come to know. The Challenger concept car is based on the 1970 model… if you compare the two, it’s a good resemblance… and oh by the way, it comes with the Hemi V-8 engine like the Charger.. so if you want the looks and the power.. be patient.. it’s said to come out in 2009.

  5. Aaron says:


  6. TYLER says:

    i would really like to see the yenko cars to be reintroduced into production don’t get me wrong i love the GT-500 but there is just something about a 427 yenko camaro that i just can’t seem to get over i think they should bring it back i heard that they had made a concept yenko so hopfuly its true. theres nuthing better than american muscle!