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Shortage of paint may bring traffic work to a halt.

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Road Work

One of the most aggravating things as a motorist is driving down a highway that is in seemingly great condition only to come upon those dreaded orange construction cones. Most of the time we just wonder what the hell is going on because for the most part it never seems like any work is getting done. Now it seems that due to a lack of materials, we may be getting somewhat of a reprieve on summertime traffic and depending on your mindset this could be either a good or a bad thing. Mike Liljestrom, the president of Apply-A-Line Inc. a pavement-marking company in Washington State states, “We really have guys sitting at home because we don’t have the material to do the work”.

We are now heading into the summer months, a time when the majority of road repairs are completed. One of the biggest problems that is being faced however is not so much the shortage of the actual repair materials but the shortage of acrylic paint that is needed to partition the roads once the repairs are complete. According to the major industry trade group, Associated General Contractors of America, they warned state and federal transportation officials that this shortage can have, “very significant ramifications for completion of highway projects this summer” and they asked that contractors not be penalized due to a shortage in materials. As stated above, for motorists and summer travelers this may come as good news, but for contractors that are simply looking to fulfill their obligations summertime may not be as enjoyable as they may have thought.

Source: NYTimes.com

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