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Shelby Introduces Six New Models–Including The 2010 GT-500 Super Snake!


The 35th annual Ford and Team Shelby nationals are coming up in Tulsa, and Shelby Automobiles has released six new models to commemorate the event, including the new 2010 GT500 Super Snake.

Most of the models are essentially upgraded versions of previous generation Mustangs, ones current owners of GT’s, Shelby GT’s, and Shelby GT500s can bring in and have modified by the Shelby staff out in Vegas.

Check the jump to get the scoop on the Prima Donna Super Snake—and those other five cars, too.

First is the Shelby GT/SC, which adds a SuperCharger (yeah, get it?), bigger brakes, and dash-mounted triple gauges to compliment the Ford Racing suspension, strut-tower brace, and beefier gears that came with the car from the factory.


Next, the Shelby GT/SR (above) is essentially a GT/SC outfitted for racing applications, adding BFGoodrich R compound tires, an aluminum driveshaft, front brake ducts in the fascia openings, and an adjustable suspension.

Let’s say you’ve already got a Mustang GT, but you want the GT/SC treatment? Say no more, because Shelby has got you covered. Any Mustang GT can be outfitted with a supercharger, bigger brakes, a suspension package, 18” wheels and tires, exhaust, and even cosmetic upgrades to give you that Shelby fix you’ve been dreaming about all your life. You can also imitate the GT/SR package if you so desire.

Now, if you’re already lucky enough to have your own Shelby GT500 in your garage, but are bored with its 500HP and are afraid that it’s shark-like features are aging too quickly, you can opt for the GT500SE (Special Edition) which adds carbon fiber bits like a front splitter, rocker panels, and heat extractor vents to your hood, as well as a Ford Racing suspension (highly recommended), Borla exhaust (if you haven’t done it already), 20” wheels, tires, and more.


And, in the event you are really really lucky and have a 2010 model GT500, there is now the legend of the Super Snake package available, which includes, among other things, a 725HP supercharger kit. There are also some badges and trim and accessories included, but honestly, we can’t see it for all the delicious go-fast Shelby wow packed into the svelte 2010 body.

Check the gallery for more pictures of the Super Snake and GT/SR.

Source: Shelby Autos via Autoblog

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  1. Mr. Blakey says:

    OKAY this Mustang is on point. Although I’ve never had the pleasure to experience the RAW power of the “GT500″, there is no doubt in my mind that these wild horses will stampede all competition. The SuperSnake looks functional and very capable of fending off SS’s and SRT’s and with 500hp under its scales I foresee a street machine that will breath life into The Ford Motor Company.