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Shelby CS 6 Mustang: Efficient Performance

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Mustang CS 6
Shelby Mustang CS 6

Carroll Shelby is known for among other things, building really fast cars.  Soon, he may also essentially the inspiration behind the production of a new twin turbo Mustang.  Not only would a twin turbo V6 Mustang be faster than the current V8 GT, but it would be lighter and more fuel efficient.  In fact, if you want a Mustang that is all of those things, you can have it right now.  It’s called the CS 6.
Who wants to call this whimpy?
V6 turbo: Who wants to call this whimpy?

In 1965, Carroll Shelby began fitting Paxton Superchargers to his GT350. Only eleven Paxton supercharger kits were installed at the Shelby factory but a number of additional kits were sold to customers to retro-fit on their Mustangs.  Current Mustang owners can get a modern Paxton NOVI-1200 Supercharger installed on their Mustange and reap the 350+ horsepower
reward.  Stock V6 Mustangs have about 210 horsepower.
Black CS 6
Black CS 6

If you want to completely convert your Mustang into a “Shelby CS 6″ there are additional upgrades available including: custom hood, brakes, 20″ wheels, Shelby body kit, and dual exhaust.  Because the Supercharger only pumps out the power when it is needed, you can enjoy the added fuel efficiency of a V6 for everyday driving while producing more horsepower than a V8 if you decide to drop the hammer.  All of this for about the price of a GT.

Black Mustang CS 6
Black Mustang CS 6

2010 is the likely date for when a twin-turbo V6 may be introduced in new Mustangs.  The engine will be Ford’s new EcoBoost V6, currently in use on the 2009 Lincoln MKS.  Ford’s EcoBoost will also be used in the new Ford Flex and Explorers.  Standard motors will be a 275HP 2.0L I-4 with the more powerful V-6 3.5L as an option in the Mustang.  The result of using smaller engines with superchargers is a substantial increase in fuel efficiency without any sacrifice in performance.   What this translates to is the ability to have a high-performing Mustang, without the low fuel mileage of the V-8.   The 3.5L makes somewhere in the range of 340hp, as compared to the 300 horses of current GT models. It also weighs 150lbs less overall and gets 20% better fuel mileage than the current V6.

V8 purists will probably lament the addition of a twin turbo V6 as if you were spitting on Steve McQueen’s grave.  But let’s get real.  Gas isn’t going to get any cheaper and American car companies need to commit to designing and building smarter sports cars not just brutish horsepower and gas hogs.  The technology is already there for both efficiency and performance; Shelby has been doing it for 40 years.

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