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Shanghai Suprise: China’s Glimpse at the Buick Riviera Concept

Posted in Auto Show, Cars by will bee | June 4th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

It would seem that it would take a cold day in Hates for a Buick to grace the digital domain of RideLust. In the past 20 years there has been only one Buick any style whatsoever to invoke some curiosity: the Buick Riviera.  The last Riviera model to be released by Buick was no show stopper or red-light stalker, but it did possess some intriguing design in its shape. However, with Buick’s recent reveal of the new Riviera concept car at the 2007 Shanghai Auto Show in China, there is more innovation on display than on all other current model Buick’s combined.

buick riviera concept

The Chinese market has become a real boon for the struggling Buick brand, while the average American buyer opts for brands with more pazazz (yep, I said “pazazz”.). That could change if Buick finds a way to span that design crevasse they have found themselves on the wrong side of with the innovative Riviera.

buick riviera concept

Space Age autos were at one time the norm at auto shows, and have in the past few decades become an often unapplicable description. The Buick Riviera concept seems to redefine if not reassert the term. Even the doors give me an odd Buck Rogers feeling, but in a good way.

buick riviera concept

Even if the Buick Riviera is a long way from production (if it even gets that far), I hope to see a lot more news about this car in the coming months. If for no other reason than to believe that this aged Auto maker truly has a future. The Buick Riviera might certainly be the right platform upon which to focus that future.

buick riviera concept

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