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SEX MACHINE: Ferrari 458 GT Rendering has us drooling!

Posted in Concept Cars, Design, Ferrari, Racing by MrAngry | July 23rd, 2010 | 1 Response |

458 Italia GT

I honestly think there is no sexier car out there than a Ferrari. From the prancing horse, to that brilliant red paint, to those amazing exhaust notes, Ferrari is one of the few manufacturers that deliver us the total package. When it was released in 2005 the Ferrari F430 was a car that was leaps and bounds above its predecessor, the 360. It’s been met with rave reviews from just about everyone who has ever driven it (myself included) and is still the benchmark for many other performance manufacturers. This year Ferrari has released the new 458 Italia, which means artists and fans have been speculating how it would look if entered into ALMS.

Ferrari F430 GT
• Current Ferrari F430 GT

Automotive artist Jon Sibal was one such person who wondered what the new 458 Italia would look like in race guise so, by using that magical program we know as Photoshop, he’s created this gem for us. Programs like Photoshop, when used correctly are wonderful because they help us see the “what if’s” and keep the imagination in check. Without that we’d just have to wait for a manufacturer to actually release something like in the old days and hell… what would be the fun in that.

Source: Autoblog.com

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