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Sex, A BMW M3, And More Sex

Posted in BMW, Cool Stuff, driving, Fast Cars, Videos by Kurt Ernst | October 20th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

If you don’t need a cold shower after watching this video, check your pulse because I suspect you may be dead. This is perhaps the single best car video I’ve ever seen, filmed by the folks at Bandito Garage. There’s not much to it, and there isn’t a word of dialogue, but it still speaks volumes. It goes without saying that I have a new goal in life: I want a job where I drive supermodels to orgasmic bliss in an E92 M3. Pick your city, because I’m flexible.

Mad props to my buddy Malcolm at Automotive Addicts for finding this gem. You’re absolutely correct that this single video is better than all of the previously released BMW films (“The Hire”, etc.), and it is filthy car porn. Pure genius filthy car porn. If ad agencies could duplicate the magic of this video, guys would be stacked up outside of BMW dealerships like airplanes at O’Hare, just waiting for their chance to throw money down on a new ride.

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2 Responses

  1. E46 fanatic says:

    …the masters of Munich should make a custom catch basin to accommodate all the panties that this ride drops… E92 M3 = Sex