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Sewage Powered Cars

Posted in Alt Fuels by David | May 31st, 2008 | 1 Response |

Only in a place like Sweden does something like this actually happen, and then work. Some municipalities in Sweden have facilities that transform sewage waste into biogas to run cars and city buses.


“Taking a road trip? Remember to visit the toilet first. This city is among dozens of municipalities in Sweden with facilities that transform sewage waste into enough biogas to run thousands of cars and buses.

Cars using biogas created a stir when they began to be rolled out on a large scale at the start of the decade. The tailpipe emissions are virtually odorless, the fuel is cheaper than gasoline and diesel, and the idea of recovering energy from toilet waste appealed to green-minded Swedes.

This idea wouldn’t be a bad one in some small farming communities in the US where Cow Manure is a plenty and time is of no importance.

Source: Planetizen

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One Response

  1. Joe says:

    >>Only in a place like Sweden does something like this actually happen<<

    Agree completely but things might be changing. It might be the one silver lining with the high cost of fossil fuels–going green will now pay. Who would have thought T Boone Pickens no less would pluck down $6 bill to build the world’s largest wind farm?

    T Boone is an oil. He’s in the business of making money so sniffs that they is money to be made from wind. Awesome.