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SEMA 2009: VIDEO of DEFENDER WORX Camaro Photo Shoot With Blond Bombshell


There are going to be a proverbial ton of custom Camaros at this year’s SEMA 2009 convention. Everyone’s been almost constipated in anticipation of Chevy’s pony car returning to the streets, and now we can begin the regularity accordable any popular American muscle car–which means almost daily receiving news of some special custom and tuner model from every little father-and-son garage with a dream.

Let’s begin with the Defender Worx Camaros here. They have been working on their display models for sometime, and have just completed a professional photoshoot and posted those photos for all the fanboys at Camaro5.

So what do you guys think? Yeah, me too. The grille is a bit strange. But the wheels are cool. Yeah, the mirrors are neat, too.

Wait? You can’t see the car in that photo can you? Clumsy me. But the fact is, the hottest blond in these photo shoots is the one with the built-in dual air bags you see above you, and since Defender Worx was so kind to include clips of the dame slowly stripping down in front of the Camaro, we doubt very seriously you’ll care much about another wheel and fender job. And yes, I’m talking about the car. It seems that even they are aware that their cars are a bit boring and need ornate hood ornaments to make us look.

For more semi pornographic photos information and and a full gallery of Defender Worx’s two Camaros, click the jump.

Here are the videos, if you’re interested:

On the forums at Camaro5, this is the order in which the gallery is arranged–with the girl first, the cars second. We can’t argue with their taste, but it’s not very encouraging (since she isn’t listed under the ‘feature’ list).

Now, for the cars.

Of the two, the yellow is certainly the most cohesive one. The blacked out grille matches the rims of the wheels. Otherwise, there’s nothing too complicated here.

The rally yellow Camaro features:

Black Side Vent Inserts (Gills)
Black Replacement Bowties
Black Locking Fuel Door
Black SS Side Badges
Black RS Side Badges
Black Side Window Louver
Black Reverse Light Bezels
Black Full Length Phantom Grill
Gianelle Santorini Wheels




The black car has a nice looking “grille”–smiling like some gansta rapper. Defender Worx assured us that those wheels are NOT the ones that will be on the booth model. So don’t get all upset. Really. Don’t.

The black Camaro features:

Chrome Side Vent Inserts
Chrome Replacement Bowties
Chrome Locking Fuel Door
Chrome SS Side Badges
Chrome RS Side Badges
Chrome Reverse Light Bezels
Chrome Half Length Phantom Grill
Gianelle Venezia Wheels





SOURCE: Camaro5

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2 Responses

  1. c0de says:

    nice visual trick.. if you look long enough, when you’re REALLY tired.. you can actually see a Camaro in there.. i have no idea how they were able to pul that trick off

  2. Nathan Redden says:

    That Billett grille looks awful, but I love the black bowtie. The yellow car is completely bad ass. Oh yeah, and someone needs to clean their camera lens.