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SEMA 2008: Ruthless Cartel Scion xD

Posted in Auto Show, Car Accessories, Car Photography, Car Tech, Cars, Custom, Design, Scion, SEMA by Suzanne Denbow | November 6th, 2008 | 3 Responses |

You know a significant upset as occurred in the natural order of the world when the cars Scion brings to SEMA 2008 are more tastefully done than those from Mercedes-Benz. Perhaps it’s Scion’s established reputation as a tuner line that prompted my expectation of things like Louis Vuitton and Nike themed upholstery or center stack-mounted Courvesoir fountains, but Scion just doesn’t seem to be as offensive as usual this year. If anything, rides like the Drag Cartel’s “Ruthless Cartel Scion xD” just inspired a tired rolling of the eyes.

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I mean seriously, are we really supposed to think whomever is behind the wheel of this sunset orange, cream white leather-accented ride really is a member of a “ruthless cartel”? I mean I don’t know much about the interior workings of organized crime, but I do know that it probably isn’t conducive to your successful career as a thug if you cruise around in car that seems to say “Why hello, officer! I have a kilo of cocaine in my wheel well!” Furthermore, the open air theme of the Ruthless Cartel xD is aesthetically appealing and everything, but it’s going to make it exponentially more difficult to conceal all your various assault weapons from inquisitive law enforcement officials.

Photos by AutoBlog/MotorTrend

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3 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    If you don’t like custom cars, why do you even go to SEMA? Just stay at home in your driveway and enjoy some oldies on the radio in your 1998 Toyota Camry.

  2. nick says:

    The Ruthless Cartel Scion xD is so sick. It’s my new dream car! i wish i owned one :(

  3. Steve J says:

    This is the biggest ‘Dogs breakfast’ I have ever seen.

    Only appealing to brown skinned tracksuit wearing no hopers !!!