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SEMA 2007: Scion xD Widebody… this is not a robot Vacuum Cleaner

Posted in Auto Show, Design, Scion by will bee | November 2nd, 2007 | 3 Responses |

Scion Xd SEMA

Five Axis Design brought out their Scion xD with its widebody kit and sporty stance to this years SEMA show. The widebody kit, upgraded tires and popaya orange paint job finally gives this xD conversion a lot of kick. However, the wide mouth grill on the xD seems inspired by a new age Hoover design that hugs the road and sweeps the streets. There are plenty of upgrades both inside and out that make this one of the best Scions brought to show, however the engine remained untouched and thus remains uninspiring.

Who is to say that a car must push at least 200hp in order to be show worthy or relevant? The Scion xD visually stops you in your tracks. But when you start walking again you and the Scion nearly share the same zero-to-20 time.

scion xD SEMA

From the rear the widebody flare still holds up in appearance and nearly completes the package. Why it seems that there is a little something missing back here is hard to express. Maybe it is the lack of an obvious exhaust that makes the rear seem unfinished.

So has Five Axis Design finally given the Scion xD a proper stance with their Widebody design? If you were in the market for a 128hp sleeper engine with a flashy over-bite would this be the car for you? One thing is for certain… everyone will have plenty of time to watch you pass by.

Be sure to checkout the details on the xD conversion down below.




• Five Axis Design 6” Widebody

• Papaya

Orange paint


• No modifications


• Five Axis Unique Finishers



F: 20 x 8.5, +0

R: 20 x 10.5, +20

Satin aluminum finish



Yokohama Advan Sport

F: 245/30 ZR20

R: 295/25 ZR20


• TEIN Super Street Damper

• TRD strut brace


• Stoptech Big Brake Upgrade

F: 355mm x 32mm, ST40 4-piston Caliper

R: 328mm x 28mm, ST22 2-piston Caliper


• Five Axis Design Interior Appointments

• Sparco Faster steering wheel

• Sparco Litium shift knob

• Sparco Reflex racing pedals

• Upholstery by Salt

Turin Upholstery


• Sparco Sienna sport seats

10 ICE

• Pioneer AVIC D3 navigation head unit

• Monster Car Audio cables and wires

• Real-time video capture

• Four exterior LCD screens


• Five Axis Modified Smart Industries 6” Claw Vending Machine

• Five Axis Design Plush Souvenir Toy Car SWAG

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3 Responses

  1. Brad says:

    So, this is a kit for a car that already exists? I wasn’t aware of an xD, but I guess they have an xX (where the second X is a variable), for any occasion. What I find funny is all the things this car is “hooked up” with, except for the engine. Decent looking little car, but are people suppose to buy it and do an engine swap if they want to make it worth while? Here, we’ll sell you everything you need in a car except the engine… you have to do that part yourself, Good Luck!
    I’m sure it was a money issue, but it just makes me wonder if the car wasn’t mean to handle more power than that. And with all those LCD screens and extra body weight, I can see how that 128hp engine really would crawl.
    I fail to see how you would need racing pedals, a “Faster Steering Wheel” (wtf?) or the sport seats…
    This car is officially All SHOW and NO GO!
    On a side note, if you’re not planning on going any where and just want to sit in it, you can imagine that you’re going some where fast, or enjoy a movie, from the comfort of your xD.
    …xD… extremely dumb? Eh….

  2. Dee says:

    Brad lol. I like your comment, would have to agree with you on some of the points you made.

  3. Elke Voner says:

    I absolutely love my brand new Hoover cleaner and shampooer. It certainly bites whenever your kittens leave little poopees all over the condo for you ;-)