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SEMA 2007: Is this a Mad Max Mustang?

Posted in Auto Show, Design, Ford, Mustang by will bee | November 1st, 2007 | 3 Responses |

Ford Mustang - One-off - Sema

While the question has been raised as to whether the plethora of designs for the new Ford Mustang by Ford and Foose and Roush and Saleen have been too numerous we now know that the world has one new Pony too many. Was the objective here to be the worlds most obnoxious Mustang? …Because honestly there is worse out there. But if this was a study in bad taste in design then mission accomplished. What we have here is either an entrant into what someone hopes is another Mel Gibson Mad Max movie or the “bad guy” car in the next Paul Walker Too Fast, Too Hideous movie.

Despite their going overboard with this poor Pony I am a fan of the paint job. And maybe I am wrong… is this the next great Pony Rendition? You tell me.


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3 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    I am and always have been a big Mustang fan (and owner), and you are right saying it looks like a return to Mad Max times. Is that a good thing? Depends on if picking rusted parts off cars in the desert is appealing to you?

    As for this particular car, I don’t hate EVERYTHING about it but it could have been executed better. There are a lot of conflicting design elements; all the half moon cutouts on the ground effects don’t mesh well with the angular structures on the car. I don’t understand why the front of the ground effects have the crimped lip below the curved lip? And lets not forget the huge scoops on the hood, I don’t know if they are functional (about the only thing that might possibly make them cool?). I could probably even learn to live with them if the half moon crap was taken off of them.

    The good stuff? Rims are nice, paint is nice, ground effects are ok minus the cutouts and crimp in the front end. My question is…. Is this whole car basically a 3M stick on wus mobile? Or is there something worth considering under the hood that could even put it in the category of Roush, Shelby or Foose…. something that would make me want to spend similar money for the car?

    But this is only an opinion, there has to be someone out there that will love this thing the second they see it. I’m more of a sleeper kinda guy anyway.

  2. Brad says:

    Eh, I like it. Don’t know much about it, but it looks pretty good except for a few features. The color is very nice, the effects are alright, and I could live with the hood scoops so long as there was a purpose and this thing was as fast as it looks. I’ll even drive it around with a gun and some harpoons to replicate Mad Max, if you give it to me :)

    This thing must produce the deepest of exhaust tones or its just too flashy.

  3. mido says:

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