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Seattle To Maine, In Under Five Minutes

Posted in Cool Stuff, driving, Pictures, Road Trips, Travel, Videos by Kurt Ernst | September 20th, 2011 | 2 Responses |

I-90, somewhere in Montana. Image: smithje77

You Tube user smithje77 was moving his family from Seattle to Maine, so he did what any of us would have done: he wrote a script in python to have his Droid take an image every ninety seconds, then he set this to video and dubbed in a Woody Guthrie tune, which he also performed.

And by “any of us,” I mean not me. I’m adept with an iPhone, but I draw the line at writing apps. As for setting images to video, I still struggle with Photoshop, and I’m fairly sure that people would pay me large amounts of money to NOT sing. I sure as hell can’t play guitar, but I have driven across this country more times that I care to ponder.

So has Mike, which may be one of the reasons we get along so well. If you’re a fellow brother of the road, you’ll get this video; like us, I’m sure you’ll recognize a few frames, even if they do flash by rather quickly. If you don’t have the Road Jones, you probably won’t understand the attraction of this video, or the appeal of driving twelve hour days, fueled by truck stop coffee and bags of beef jerky. If you don’t understand, I sure as hell can’t explain it to you.

Source: You Tube via Straightline


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2 Responses

  1. smithje77 says:

    Thanks for watching the video. I enjoyed your article – it’s much better than a lot of the silly ones which make up facts or add captions claiming WA is the midwest…