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Screaming kids are as bad as booze for motorists. Yeah, ya’ think?

Posted in Bizarre, driving, Safety by MrAngry | June 21st, 2010 | 3 Responses |

Let me preface this by saying – NO SHIT. The Transport Research Laboratory recently concluded a study that stated drivers’ with screaming kids in the cars had reaction times of up to 13% less than those without. Really… ya’ think? They then went on to say that instances of people slamming on the brakes were 40% higher and that stress levels were increased by a third. I mean did they really need a study to figure this out? Hell, my parents could have saved the Transport Research Laboratory millions of dollars and told them the same damn thing for a nice bottle of wine.

Studies like this always amaze me. I mean is it really a surprise that drivers become distracted when they have a bunch of screaming maniacs in the car? Hell, the reason my folks slammed on the brakes in the first place was to shut me up, and then, in some rare instances get me out of the car so they could get their sanity back. Any parent on the planet Earth will tell you this and it makes no difference if their driving a car, SUV or a friggin’ horse-drawn buggy, if you’re kids are screaming you WILL be distracted.

Senior TRL researcher Dr. Nick Reed then goes on to say, “There was a noticeable impairment to driving caused simply by the noise of arguing children. Precautions should be taken.” Dr. Reed, if you’re reading this then I’ve got to tell you that you are a true master of the obvious. I mean come on you Bonehead, get with the program and don’t waste our time with stuff we already know.

Source: Whatcar.com

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3 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    And they say we are spending too much on defense!

  2. James Bank says:

    The 1st kid learns the finger fast. I wonder what else he can do? hehe.

  3. Blix says:

    Danger be damned – please keep the screaming kids in the car. Put your seatbelt on or whatever. Every goddamn day I have to sit on the train with some awful shrieking fetus. I know moms want to save a buck by taking public transit, but I can’t believe it’s worth pissing off the 70 other people on the crowded train car.