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Scion Owners: “United By Individuality”…And Some Pretty Sick Rides

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On May 17, 2008, Scion sponsored an event in Boulder City, NV called “Scion United”, effectively publicizing the rapidly growing Scion cult. Over 300 cars made it to the event, some hailing all the way from the East Coast, and are featured in Scion’s newest commercial.

Obviously tuner cars are not a new theme, for every tricked out Scion tC, there’s two equally bad ass Honda Civics [we use “bad ass” in a relative sense] – but Scion is the first company to cater specifically to that demographic. According to Scion’s corporate manager Dawn Ahmed,  “We have 600,000 owners, and the community gets more passionate…every day.”

To view commercial spot and photo gallery, click “Read More”.

Those are pretty impressive stats for such a fledgling brand, and fellow auto manufacturers have taken note. Looking to duplicate Scion’s almost overnight popularity, a wave of boxy, stripped-down prototypes are pending for launch in 2009. The 2009 Kia Soul, for example, shares the same boxy exterior as the Scion xB and is offered as an austere [though very technologically advanced] easy-to-modify car, admitted by Kia execs to be aimed at the tuner market. Nissan also has plans to cash in on Scion’s success with plans to introduce the Nissan Cube, already popular with Japanese mod. squads [sorry, couldn’t help ourselves], stateside in 2009.

Although we’re not huge fans of those obnoxiously loud aftermarket intake manifolds, we’ll give these Scion owners credit where credit is due: these are some incredibly lust-able rides.

Scion “United By Individuality” Commercial


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