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Scion Fuse Concept May Replace tC

Posted in Concept Cars, Scion by Geoff | September 28th, 2008 | 2 Responses |

Impressive Blindspot
Scion Fuse Concept: Impressive Blindspot

While certainly not anywhere near a production version in it’s present form, many are speculating that the Fuse concept may contain the basic design elements of the the next generation tC coupe from Scion.

RCA Plug-Inspired Tailpipes
RCA Plug-Inspired Tailpipes

Whether you like it or not, it appears that Scion seems to be stuck on the angular-look that is the dominant theme in the current xB.  In spite of the xB’s resemblance to a smoothed over stack of Legos and in defiance of the principles of aerodynamic logic; xB fuel efficiency is still capable of 28 mpg in highway driving, more that the current tC.  Presumably, Scion would be able to accomplish at least comparable numbers if not better with the Fuse.  Though most certainly subject to change, the Fuse concept uses a DOHC gasoline I4 engine equipped with multi-port fuel-injection that produces 160 hp and 163 lb. feet of torque.  The Fuse’s low stance, chopped roofline, large air intake and generally menacing facade give it a unique modern look that many also quite accurately associate with a “lead sled” modified car from the 40’s or 50’s.

Since this IS a concept there are quite a few pieces of the Fuse, whose probability of being included in production is not likely.  Beyond the RCA-inspired tailpipes, the concept has LED turn signals embedded in its twenty-inch wheels, an enormous sunroof and scissor opening doors.  Inside, the Fuse has two flat-screen TVs and front seats that can be folded into a footrest, table or otherwise utilized to help facilitate extra cargo space.  The rear of the vehicle’s tailgate contains a bench that flips out of the rear cargo area and has adjustable speakers and a beverage cooler for tailgating.

All of this is a concerted effort by Scion to continue to tap into a youthful market of buyers that not only want a vehicle that has versatility, style and performance, but at a price that is attainable within their often entry-level budgets.  In the end, whether a production Fuse (or tC that looks like it) ever comes to fruition or not will be mostly dependent on Scion’s ability to build it cheaply and not on the automaker’s trepidation in producing such a striking vehicle.

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2 Responses

  1. ABDALLA says:

    really awesome car love the rims and great article too keep on posting.

  2. Sofar says:

    Hey, it’s a Volvo PV!