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Schumacher To Stay In F1 Through 2011, Possibly 2012

Posted in FIA, Formula 1, Mercedes Benz, Racing by Kurt Ernst | July 24th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Michael Schumacher in Malaysia, 2010. Photo: Morio

Despite rumors to the contrary, Michael Schumacher has made it clear that he won’t retire (again) before his 43rd birthday. He’s 41 now, so that effectively guarantees he’ll race through at least the 2011, if not the 2012 F1 seasons. His goal, as stated upon his return to racing, is an eighth world championship.

His 2010 return to Formula One has disappointed the driver, his fans and Bernie Eccelstone alike. Currently ninth in the driver’s standings, Schumi has no chance at winning this year’s title. In fact, it’s unlikely he will finish the season ahead of his young teammate, Nico Rosberg, who’s currently in sixth place in the standings. His performance year to date hasn’t brought fans back to the sport, even in his Germany. This weekend’s race in Hockenheim, Germany, is Schumacher’s first F1 race in his home country since returning to the sport. Maybe it’s the economy and not a disillusioned fan base, but there are still plenty of tickets available.

In a recent interview for Autosport, as quoted on Autoevolution, Schumacher took yet another shot at his Mecedes MGP W01, saying:

“Am I perfectly happy with my own performance? That is probably the wrong thing to say. There is an expectation out there, but you have to be realistic that it is probably impossible to meet. To be out three years and start where I finished in a car that doesn’t allow me do it, is unrealistic.”

I’d have an easier time accepting that the car is the problem if he was out-performing Rosberg, which he’s not. There are few things in life quite as sad as a former champion who doesn’t realize that his best days are behind him.

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One Response

  1. I do hope Michael can stay a bit longer to me he is the best driver in formula 1, ok the season this year turned out bad, but he will do well in 2011, after all when you leave your job for a long while you are bound to me a bit rusty, i have followed/supported Michael since 1991 and i know he can make anything impossible possible, he is no cheater or a road killer like Rubens is trying to stick a bad name on him. Rubens will never stop whinning and he hasn’t got the world championship passion in him., it is time Rubens grew up and get his act together and has for such folk like Sir Jackie Stewart, Sir Sterling Moss, Bernie Ecclestone, Martin Brundle etc critizing Michael what a cheeky nerve they are jealous and as for Damon Hill and Jacque Villneurve they are also jealous, why cant the sports f1 drivers realize Michael has more talent than them.