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Schmuck Security Guard Hoons Corvette ZR1 at Auto Auction…

Posted in Chevrolet, Corvette, General, Videos by MrAngry | August 30th, 2010 | 4 Responses |

What we have here is another case of common sense taking a vacation. Originally posted over at Jalopnik.com, the above video shows a security guard at the Dallas Auto Auction in Dallas, Texas having a little fun with a new $100,000 + Corvette ZR1. Now normally I wouldn’t scoff at a little ZR1 hoonage as God knows I’ve partaken in a bit of it myself, however doing so in a car that is not yours, as well as one that you are supposed to be looking out for is a big no-no. Combine that with the fact that El Schmucko’ here then decides to post it up on Youtube.com and well, you’ve got the makings of someone who deserves to get his ass handed to him.

According to Steve Karaus, an employee of Woodhouse Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge (the Corvette’s dealership), not only is the security guards behavior going to cost him his job, but full charges are going to be pressed upon him by the Dallas Police Department.

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4 Responses

  1. DaveMofo says:

    Stay classy, Dallas. Stay classy.

  2. Claudio Rodrigues says:

    Holy jumpin’ Jesus…
    Human stupidity knows no boundries.

  3. henry_ford says:

    totally worth it

  4. Dan says:

    I understand him losing the job, as does he i’m sure, but what kind of charges can he be pressed with? unlawful possession of finger guns?