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SCC Ultimate Aero TT Claims Top Speed Honors with 255 mph Average Time

Posted in Car Tech, Fast Cars by will bee | September 20th, 2007 | 11 Responses |

SCC Ultimate Aero TT

Back in Augustwe had told you about the Shelby Supercar (SCC) Ultimate Aero TT and its goal of usurping the Bugatti Veyron’s unofficial claim as fastest production car in the world. On September 14th The Ultimate Aero TT under the astute eyes of the Guinness Book of World Records finally made its speed run on a closed section of Washington State Highway. The recorded time as averaged from the two passes turned out to be 255.83 mph. Thus beating the Bugatti Veyron’s recorded time by just under 3 mph.

In the end the ultimate challenge for the SCC crew was in finding a suitable location to make their run at the record. Being a small research and production company means that they do not have the large test tracks in their possession that many of the large auto makers have at their disposal. When they located a long stretch of freshly paved highway near their headquarters in Washington state the next hurdle was in getting all the necessary permits and security to take over that two lane stretch of road.

Ultimate Aero TTOnce everything was in place and the day of the run came about the sanctioning body of the Guinness Book of World Records arrived to record the event. The worlds top speed for a production car is measured by averaging two runs on the same road or track. The first run is in one direction while the second run is returning back the other direction in order to negate any wind or road benefit. The two runs are then averaged together to get a top speed.

The Ultimate Aero TT’s first run turned in its top speed of 257.11 mph while the return trip recorded a speed of 254.55 mph. According to test driver Chuck Bigelow the potential for a greater top speed is there, but do to having to maneuver the Aero TT through an S-turn at 210 mph some of the momentum was lost on highway. For a car with 1183-bhp and 1094 ft-lbs of torque and a drag coefficient of a mere .357 it seems quite possible the Ultimate Aero TT has a bit of room before it hits its top speed ceiling. According to aerodynamic wind tunnel testing the Aero TT’s body design is stable up to 273 mph.

While I may have ranted the other day about whether or not there is a real need on the market place for all the $100k+ supercars hitting the market place this is one specialty car and supercar team that deserves its place in the record books and on the market. Shelby Supercars is not backed by any of the large auto makers or Dot.com millionaires. It is a company that set out on a mission and achieved that mission with room to spare. Congratulations to Shelby Supercars on your amazing achievement.


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11 Responses

  1. matt says:

    Wow, respect! They were trying several times!

  2. Kat says:

    I would love to say “Wow, great!”…but this happened right in the middle of my Driver’s Ed project, which my teacher was letting me do on the Bugatti Veyron (awesome teacher.) So, I had to go through it and take out all the times I’d said it was the “fastest street-legal car.” But, it is still the fastest ACCELERATING street-legal car, 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. If it had raced alongside this car, it would initially beat it, so in short distances it’s faster, BUT, the SCC gradually accelerates to g MPH faster…I guess it’s the final top speed that counts…
    Still, couldn’t the news have waited a week for my project? xP

  3. nick says:

    kat the barabus tkr is the fastest accerelating car ever made the 0-60 time is 1.67 seconds its top speed is about 256

  4. chevlja says:

    Bugatti Veyron has the fastest accerelating,becouse this Barabus is not produced,which they talking about. When Barabus will be produced whith this performaces,then they can talk that it is faster.

  5. winston says:

    Grammatical pointer: Due to “some reason” is commonly incorrectly written as “do to” a reason.

    Please verify.

  6. boogdf says:

    i own a the bugatti veyron and the aero and the new camero

  7. m0nd0 says:

    would the veyron beat the aero in a straight drag race.

  8. David P.Curcione says:

    1. The Unlimited Arrow Supercar #2 Has a top Speed of (263) M.P.H Too! The Unlimited Arrow #1 Super Car has Top Speed of (273) M.P.H. Fastest Legal Road car is Super car Unit #1 Its Top Speed is,(273) M.P.H too! Auto Bound Germany Highway of unilimited Speeds to Today Records too! Turue!!! The car is in First Place of Fastest Speeds of Super Cars Records Top Speeds of TodaY”s Record”s Breaking New Speeds Recoreds too! True! New Recored Speeds of Newer Super Cars Models will be Built to Break the old record Speeds in @010 A.D too! Of The Super Car Eara Records Speeds to come Yet Very Soon too! True! It will come soom too! Some one will break the Record if the Unlimited Arrewed Car is #1 Speed Demon is #1 First Plsce in the Recored books of today”s History to be made Yet Very soom it will be Another Super Car Being Built to Exeeeded it spees too! To Break Speed Record too! passing the Speed of 273+ or more too! agreed too!!!!!

  9. David P.Curcione says:

    1. The second fastest Supercar top Speed is in sicond Place too! The top Speed is 273 M.P.h too! Unlimited Arrow #1 Car speed record too!

  10. Unlimited Arrow TT hit top Speed of 257.11 Miles Per Hour too!It a Record for now too!

  11. 1.The old Record was 1 Year age is Maxium Speed of 273 Miles Per Hour too! They improved in the Speed of Unlimited Arrow update:Offical new record top Speed was 290 Miles Per Hour Latest Speed Record of 2011 A.D too! It is third fastest Supercar is Street Legal today too! True!!! They improved on the Speed by 17 Miles added too!