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Say hello to the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty!

Posted in Chrysler, Classic, Collector Cars, Cool Stuff, Movies, Videos by MrAngry | June 24th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |
The Green Hornet. It followed newspaper publisher Britt Reid who fights crime under his alter-ego, the Green Hornet and together with his sidekick Kato, they roam the streets vigilante style to help put the kibosh on crime. It’s now 50 years later and Hollywood has run out of ideas for big screen productions so with the resurgence of the popular comic book hero’s from yesteryear they decided to resurrect the Green Hornet for a new 2011 motion picture. More importantly than the Green Hornet and Kato though is their bad-ass 1966 Chrysler Imperial, the Black Beauty. Sure its as big as a tank but if you put enough guns and rocket launchers on something you can make anything look cool.

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