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San Francisco Man Accused Of Driving Stolen SUV To Court

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In California, a 37-year-old San Franciscan hairstylist was found guilty by a jury of his peers of possessing a $125,000 Porsche Carrera that had been stolen from an San Anselmo, CA home. In addition, the man also faces additional charges of auto theft for driving a stolen Lexus SUV to court the day he received his conviction. Apparently, authorities were alerted to the SUV when bystanders expressed concern over several Yorkshire terriers that had been roaming about inside the vehicle. When police observed the man exiting the building with keys to the Lexus in hand, he was promptly arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen property.

On Monday, he was formally charged with receiving a stolen vehicle, receiving stolen property, animal cruelty, and leaving animals in an unattended vehicle.

Source: DallasNews.com

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