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Saleen To Stop Building Mustangs. For Now.

Posted in auto industry, Mustang, News by Kurt Ernst | March 12th, 2011 | 1 Response |

The Saleen S302. Image: Saleen Performance Vehicles

The days of the Saleen S302 Mustang are coming to an end. Sort of. The brand, which hasn’t been owned by Steve Saleen since 2009, is being shelved by parent company Revstone Industries. Revstone will still produce Saleen parts (and will still honor Saleen warranties), but the company wants to branch out beyond just Mustangs and can’t do that if their focus remains exclusively on Saleen. Revstone has plans to launch other brands (all aimed at the performance car market), but is keeping those plans under wraps for now. The plan is to continue taking orders for Saleen S302 Mustangs through May, with production of the final cars ending in the fall.

As for Steve Saleen, the ex-racer and sports car entrepreneur is busy with SMS Supercars these days. SMS builds tuned versions of the Mustang (the SMS 302), the Challenger (the SMS 570) and the Camaro (the SMS 620), as well as selling a line of performance parts and lifestyle apparel. It looks like he successfully achieved what Revstone is trying to do, so I wish all parties involved the best of luck.

Source: Autoweek

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