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Saleen Supercharges the Ford F-150

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Saleen resets the bar for super trucks with the supercharged Ford F-150 S331. Referred to by some within the company as Thunder, in contrast to the Ford Lightening, the S331’s side port exhaust provides the “Wagnerian”melody whose crescendo is driven at the pedals.

saleen ford F-150 s331

After the Saleen garage strips down to the rails the F-150 they receive from Ford, the S331 is rebuilt bigger, faster and nastier than any Ford production truck has ever been. In doing Saleen made sure to still leave room for plenty of the truck utility functions Ford guys have come to expect. Except now that 9500lb tow capacity  and 1350lbs of payload comes with a zero to 60 of 6.1 seconds.

ford saleen f-150 s331

At a market price of $61k this may not be the pick-up you use to haul a load of gravel or manure to a job site. The fuel mileage for this super truck is not something that would make Al Gore proud. There is the chance however that the rumble surging through that side exhaust will provide you with enough of a grin to offset that fuel guilt for just a little while.

 Source[The truth about cars]

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