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Safety First: Spanish Prostitutes To Wear Hi-Viz Vests

Posted in Bizarre, driving, Girls, Legal, Newsworthy by Kurt Ernst | October 27th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Working girls sporting the latest Spanish fashion. Photo: REX

If you’re moving to Els Alamus, Spain, to further your career as a walking sexual gratification specialist, heads up: you’re required to wear a high visibility reflective vest to improve traffic safety. The town, near Barcelona, passed the ordinance back in 2004, specifically to reduce the number of pedestrian – motor vehicle accidents involving prostitutes. Fines for non-compliance start at around $56 per occurrence, and often lead to additional fines for things like ‘creating a danger on a public highway’.

Authorities have been cracking down over the past few months, and the local government has proposed an ordinance that would ban prostitutes from working in ‘public urban areas’. While prostitution technically isn’t illegal in Spain, profiting from the sale of sex by another is. I suppose that would make the women independent contractors, who support their local pimp via charitable donations. At least that’s how it would work over here.

If the Els Alamus gig doesn’t work out for you, you can always try Zurich since the Swiss are progressive enough to provide drive through sex booths for working girls. Sure, Switzerland is a lot colder than Spain, but at least the chocolate is better.

Source: Autoevolution

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One Response

  1. Scretch says:

    When i first saw the article i thought, “that’s nice b/c as some people forget prostitutes ARE human.” But it sounds as though they are more worried about damaging cars or whatnot.
    Anyway, it’s a good rule. Safety first/condoms and bright vests, lol.