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SAFECELLapp, For Those Who Need An On-Board Nanny

Posted in Car Accessories, Car Tech, Crashes, driving, Legal, Police by Kurt Ernst | September 28th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Are you an addictive personality type? Does the thought of being off your cell phone for even a ten minute span send chills up your spine? Have you received enough tickets for driving-while-cell-phone-impaired to fund the NYPD for a full year on your own? If so, SAFECELLapp may be just what you’ve been waiting for to save your license and your bank account.

Designed for popular smart phones, SAFECELLapp uses GPS monitoring to determine a drivers location. It then compares that location to local laws to determine whether or not talking on a hand-held cell phone (or worse yet, texting) is legal. If it’s not, SAFECELLapp gives you a warning to ignore that incoming call or text, and in some cases (the Droid version) responds back with an automated message telling the caller / texter that you’re unavailable to die in a fiery, distracted driving wreck at the moment. Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t that warning be just as distracting as an incoming call or text?

The application allows you to track cell phone usage by location, so it may be useful for parents who are trying to limit their new driver’s cell phone use behind the wheel. The app also gives you a warning when you enter a school zone, so it may save you the grief of a speeding ticket if you remember to slow down when the app chimes in.

Autoevolution tells us that SAFECELLapp is free to download, but activation costs you $11.99 per year. In a bid to offset this cost, the program allows drivers to accumulate points for safe driving; these points can later be redeemed for discounts on merchandise, gift cards or charitable donations. Want more info? Hit the SAFECELLapp home page.

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