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Sacrifices, Sacrifices. Dodge Kills Ram Light-Duty Diesel Engine

Posted in auto industry, Chrysler, Diesel, Dodge, Fiat, Gas Guzzlers, Newsworthy by Nathan Redden | June 18th, 2009 | 2 Responses |

Diesel Ram

Torque whores lament. The most recent lamb led to slaughter is Dodge’s diesel engine for the half-ton Ram. According to pickuptrucks.com and sources within Cummins, Chrysler’s contract with the engine manufacturer is void in accordance with their Chapter 11 filing. That’s not to say that Fiat won’t decide to build the engine down the road, but for now it was not one of the projects cherry-picked to be part of “Good Chrysler”.

Cummins director of public relations, Mark Land, admits they saw this coming. Ford, GM and Toyota have all killed similar small-diesel programs. Land also says that the partnership with Chrysler is still possible, and development on the engine will continue with or without them.


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2 Responses

  1. Gmand says:

    No small diesel? Sure Chrysler -just shoot yourselves in the foot why don’t ya. When the F-150 comes out w their Ecoboost, people looking for something more efficient will naturally gravitate towards that truck…myself included.

    No small diesel? …BIG MISTAKE people.

  2. annoyed gas buyer says:

    at what point is the public going to demand small block diesel engines,.. They run longer, the are harder wearing, more mpg, fuel is cheaper to produce, has a higer btu rating and the equipment is in place but opil companies dont want us to know this.. they just keep us plugging along and buying inot bigger better best .. and not look at long term of 2 generations down road, when we have run out and there will be nothing.. to drive.. ahh yes thats when they will say they have built a hydrogen car.. because the ocean is all around us.. but car manafacturer’s managed to hide that patent pretty darn fast as well…

    when europe is loaded with diesel.. why does teh rest of the west think its best .. to burn premium fuel in massive trucks,, when there is clearly a cheaper =and more fuel efficient, cost efficient, and lifestyle saving different option just across the pond for us all to see….

    no small diesel.. a big big huge mistake.not only for sales& profit now..but alos the long term reputation of companies..