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Sabine Schmitz wishes us Merry Christmas, but needs our help!

Posted in Pop Culture, Racing, Videos by MrAngry | December 21st, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

This is Sabine Schmitz, she’s blond, German and knows how to drive a car really really fast. She’s also got more than 20,000 laps on the Nurburgring, which means that not only does she know it intimately, but she’s driven it more than any other person on Gods green earth. With Christmas time being just a few short days away Sabine decided to make a little video and wish all of us petrol-heads a happy and healthy holiday. More importantly though is that she is asking for our help to save the Nurburgring. You see right now the Nurburgring is on the verge of collapse thanks to a development deal that’s heading steadily south. Private and government investors wanted to build an amusement park complete with roller coasters, go-karts and full-on entertainment for the whole family. Like so many other deals like this their goal was to capitalize on what the real car enthusiasts have created. So now, due to a gross mismanagement of funds the Ring’ is now in some serious debt, which is why Sabine is here asking for some help. Check out what she’s talking about on Facebook.com.

Source: Youtube.com

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