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Sabine Schmitz gets frisky with CAR Magazine’s Juliet McGuire.

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You may know Sabine Schmitz as the Wonder Woman of the Nurburgring, or as some folks like to refer to her, The Hottest Woman On The Planet. Sabine is best known for her skills piloting the Ring Taxi around the Nurburgrings many corners, but when not giving people paid tours around the Ring, she’s out test driving the worlds latest and greatest super cars. For example here we see Sabine taking CAR magazine’s Juliet McGuire for a little run in a BMW M3 Frozen Edition. Ms. Juliet is right on the edge of her seat for the entire ride and truth be told, Sabine looks as though she is totally enjoying making her passenger freak out. All I know is that Juliet McGuire is loving being in the passenger seat of that BMW, and I have a feeling that after that ride she’ll be satisfied in more ways than one.

Source: Carmag.co.za

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