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Runaway Toyota Prius Could have a Ghost in the Machine.

Posted in Newsworthy, Recalls, Toyota by MrAngry | March 15th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Jim Sikes

Remember Jim Sikes? He’s the guy who claimed his runaway Toyota Prius almost killed him while driving on Interstate 8 in San Diego. Well, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been going over that car with a fine tooth comb trying to replicate claims that Sikes made about the car speeding out of control and almost killing him. The car went through a rigorous two-day inspection and even though NHTSA submitted their findings that the claim was most likely BS, Sikes’s lawyer simply dismissed it.

If I were you Mr. Sikes I’d be getting very nervous right now because if for some reason you are lying then they’re going to tack you to the wall. Of course that’s just my two-cents.

Source: Today.com

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