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Rumors Abound On Next Generation Porsche 911

Posted in auto industry, Corner Carvers, Favorite Cars, General, New Cars, Porsche by Kurt Ernst | August 13th, 2010 | 1 Response |

I sometimes think manufacturers leak information on the internet just to see what journalists will pick up on. No one really believes that the next Corvette will be a hydrogen fueled, electric powered AWD supercar with 1,000 horsepower, but no journalist wants to be scooped on a story, either. It’s better, it seems, to write something about car rumors than to ignore them entirely.

Such is the case with the new Porsche 911, internal code name 991. My buddy Malcolm from Automotive Addicts and I were speculating on this just the other day. Aside form a familiar shape, what will the next Porsche 911 have? You’re safe in assuming revised suspension tuning, a seven speed transmission, more horsepower and less weight.

Autoevolution tells us that the base motor will be a 3.6 liter flat six, good for 365 horsepower and 295 foot pounds of torque. The Carrera S will get a 3.8 liter flat six, good for 415 horsepower and 325 foot pounds of torque. A mixture of steel, aluminum and plastic composites will be used in construction of the body to lower weight by about 100 pounds. The Turbo will get active aerodynamics, but no one is speculating on how much horsepower the new Turbo will get.

Porsche needs to ramp up their fuel economy across all products, and will be doing this on the 991 via a start stop system that powers down the motor when the car is left idling for a period of time. Brake energy regeneration will also be used, although how this will be applied has yet to be clarified. These improvements, coupled with the 991’s lower weight, are expected to yield an improvement of 12% in the car’s city mpg compared to a current 911.

Porsche views this as a significant update to their storied 911, and they certainly realize how critical it is to get things right the first time. We’ll keep you posted on updates as they become available, but I’m not buying the whole nuclear-reactor-steam-powered-911 thing just yet.

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