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Rumor Du Jour: 2012 Civic Si To Get Acura TSX Motor

Posted in Favorite Cars, Honda by Kurt Ernst | February 3rd, 2011 | 6 Responses |
2012 Honda Civic Si Concept

The 2012 Civic Si Concept. Image: Honda America Motors

If I had to pick a favorite car below the $25k price point, it would very likely be Honda’s Civic Si. The chassis is superb, the transmission is very good and the car provides exactly the right auditory and visual feedback. Like most four cylinder enthusiast cars, the Civic’s sole weak point is a lack of grunt off the line. Wind the current car’s 2.0 liter, 197 horsepower engine high enough to engage VTEC, and the car runs like a scalded dog. Because the motor only makes 140 ft lb of torque, it’s going to take you a bit to get past the point of VTEC cam transition.

It’s not real obtrusive and it certainly doesn’t take away from the Civic Si’s appeal, but an engine with a bit more low-end power would turn an exceptional car into an epic car, assuming engineers didn’t screw something else up in the process. A V6, for example would ruin the Civic Si’s balance and would be a step in the wrong direction. A bigger inline four, like the 2.4 liter K24 from the Acura TSX, would provide more torque without adding a significant amount of weight. If Autoblog and Temple of VTEC are correct, that’s exactly what Honda has in mind for the next Civic Si. The K24Z3 engine, in current tune at least, only makes four more horsepower than the K20Z3 found in the 2010 Civic Si. On the other hand, the K24 puts out 172 ft lb of torque at 4,300 RPM, which is a significant improvement over the K20’s 140 at 6,200 RPM.

An added benefit is likely to be improved fuel economy, since you won’t have to wind the K24 engine up as much to make power. In typical Honda form, this seems like an elegant solution that will ultimately benefit both the consumer and the manufacturer. If this rumor turns out to be valid, the next Civic Si has the potential of being the best version yet.

Source: Autoblog

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6 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    Mmmm yes please! I never could understand why a car like this had so little torque…I mean, I beat one off the line (not that I would eeeeeever race, heh) in my Mazda6 for god’s sake. How embarrassing for him. If they did this, I’d be quite happy to consider one.

  2. BigRuss says:

    i think they should just drop the V6 into it and say good day… more power, more MPG, more WOW factor

  3. eddie_357 says:

    the hot thing in the honda world is slapping a k20 head on the k24 block then you have the high revs and the torque.the thing with the in-line four is its easy to tune! iam glad they are using a k series engine, hondata makes a k-pro fuel management system, tune with a laptop via a usb, state of the art.my wife drives a 06 si and that thing can launch right into v-tec.its quite awesome!

  4. Kurt Ernst says:

    Eddie, that makes sense about swapping the heads on a K24 block. Sounds like the REALLY hot setup would be the new Si with a K20 head and a Hondata tune.

    • Jen says:

      LOL tuners were doing that back in the day with a B18 head on a block from a CR-V for the same effect. Just bigger displacement engines these days, I guess.

      • eddie_357 says:

        problem is those frankenstein swaps dont last, cr-vtec ls-vtec etc,the k swap is safe- has alot to do with top dead center,the piston rods cant take it.shops like the guys at charm city tuning in maryland do lots of k24 builds and they are now mainsteam these days