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Ruin: The best 8-minutes you’ll spend today

Posted in Animation, Best of, General, Rants & Raves, Videos by MrAngry | March 21st, 2012 | Leave a Reply |


I have no idea why we’re all fascinated with stories of a post-apocalyptic society, but the fact of the matter is, we are. Look at movies like “The Road Warrior”, “Book of Eli” or “The Road” and you’ll get the idea. Sometimes it’s nuclear war, other times it’s disease and yet other times still, it’s aliens that wipe out humanity. Whatever the case though, those who survive generally turn into bad-asses and repeatedly go on a quest to eek out a life the day after. “Ruin” depicts exactly this, and while a little far fetched perhaps, I can almost guarantee it’ll be the best 8 minutes of your day.

Source: Vimeo.com

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