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Rubber: The story of Robert… the homicidal discarded tire.

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Rubber - The Movie

This movie officially goes under the classification of “WTF”… Believe it or not but “Rubber” is the story of Robert, the discarded tire that inexplicably comes to life and goes on a homicidal rampage through the desert. For some reason Robert woke up very pissed off and in doing so realized that he possessed the power to literally make peoples heads explode. Sounds intriguing right? Anyway, in his travels he ends up meeting this chick who he kinda’ digs and in the process kills everything in his path to get close to her. At least I think that’s what it’s about, but it may not be, so don’t get all pissy if I’m wrong. Regardless, I’m totally in shock that someone actually made this concept into a full length feature film, but more to the point, I must absolutely go see it when it comes out. Make sure to click through to view the trailer – peace.

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