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“Rubber” – Another Reason to Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

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Evidently, a beneficent soul in France has heard my tearful pleas for a movie about a tire that murders people using telekinesis.  And not just any French saint, but Mr. Oizo!

Yes, Mr. Oizo – aka French electronic musician Quentin Dupieux – directed the Oscar contender “Rubber,” a film about a tire that comes alive, falls in love, and splatters human body parts all over the damn place.

From Twitch:

Robert is a tire. An all season tire, by the looks of him. Well worn, but still lively as we realize when Robert literally comes to life, using psychic energy to raise himself upright and take his first tentative rolls towards self determination. He does the sorts of things tires like to do. He rolls. He squishes a bug. He squishes an empty plastic water bottle. And then, when he reaches an obstacle he cannot squish, Robert learns that he can use his psychic energies to make things explode. Bottles. Cans. Bunnies. Crows. He explodes them all. And then Robert falls in love with the beautiful brunette he sees driving through the desert. He follows but theirs is a love not to be and soon Robert’s rage explodes on those around him …

An all-season tire.   Not even light snow can stop his deadly rampage.  Terrifying.

I have not seen this flick myself, but the reviews I’ve read so far have generally been negative.  However, reviewers pan 90% of the films I personally consider to be classics so I take them with a grain of salt.  Seriously, how could a movie about a murderous tire named Robert be anything less than mind-blowing?  I’d throw money at my monitor screen to see it right now (if I had any).

Some trailers to keep you living in fear of your Michelins:

RUBBER TEASER 1 ! from oizo mr on Vimeo.

RUBBER EXTRACT 2 from oizo mr on Vimeo.

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