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ROUSH Releases Full Details on 2010 STAGE 3 and 540RH


About a week ago, we brought you the first photos of the new 2010 ROUSH STAGE 3 and what little details we could scrounge together. Now, we’ve got the full scoop:

ROUSH unveiled two new models recently, the aforementioned STAGE 3, and a new model dubbed the 540RH.

Now, the STAGE 3 makes use of the same hand-built 4.6L V8 used in the P-51B, except this one finds an additional 30HP by way of a massive Roush-Eaton TVS intercooled supercharger, forged aluminum pistons with an increased dish to lower the compression ratio from 9.8 to 8.6, forged steel H-Beam connecting rods and a forged steel crankshaft, new fuel rails, fuel injectors, and a remapped ECU program for a grand total of 540 ground-pounding horses. And thanks to the forged bottom end, ROUSH can offer an impressive 3 year/36,000 mile warranty to owners.

As in time’s past, this model also gets jumbo brakes, a full suspension package, and interior overhaul, 18” wheels wrapped in high performance rubber, and all the other visual accoutrements as well, the most notable feature being the blacked-out billet grill which deletes the stock fog lights in favor of a more menacing mug that provides better air flow to the engine and radiator. Only 103 units will be produced, with an MSRP of $59,945.

And now for the new kid on the block, the 540RH, codenamed “Hammer”. This model is essentially a sleeper, a no-nonsense plain brown bag concealing the same supercharged engine as above. For those that don’t want all the visual drama of the STAGE 3, the 540RH’s subtle (if you could call any hot-rodded Mustang subtle) tone-on-tone hood scoop stripe and rear spoiler are the only hints of a thinly veiled agression. Buyers also get the same sharp suspension set-up, as well as the wheels and tires, a short throw shifter, and nearly $15,000 extra loot in their pockets compared to STAGE 3 buyers, since the MSRP is set for $46,145.

All those interested should consult their local ROUSH dealers immediately, since both cars should be arriving in 2-3 weeks.

SOURCE: ROUSH via The Mustang News

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