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Rookie Cop + Spike Strips = Happy Bad Guys

Posted in Car Chase, Crashes, FAIL, Police, Videos by MrAngry | November 22nd, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Being a rookie cop is a tough enough gig especially when you’ve just finished training. Like any other job you’re still learning the ropes and feeling your way through what’s expected of you. As a cop though unpredictability is the nature of the beast and something that you need to be ready for at all times. The above video shows us a rookie cop who wasn’t quite up to the task, and because of that he’s most likely going to be ridiculed for the rest of his natural born life. You see when there is a high speed chase in progress the objective is usually to stop the fleeing suspect, not the officers chasing him. So imagine the surprise of the pursuing officers when a rookie cop deployed a spike strip under their tires, instead of the perpetrators – WHOOPS! You can see the officers in the patrol car are using an amazing amount of self-control while the poor rookie just sheepishly walks away in silence. Tough break kid…

Source: Youtube.com

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