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Rolls Royce set to build small car

Posted in Auto Show, General by davidallen | April 24th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Amongst all the hype and very large Yen price tags in Shanghai, the management of Rolls Royce Motors have hinted at the possibility of the company producing a small car, probably even before the end of the decade.

However, to a manufacturer like Rolls Royce small may have a slightly different meaning than the rest of us have, I would suspect that their idea of small is probably creating a car to enter the market that is populated by the likes of the Jaguar, Mercedes and BMW top of the range models.


This is a sensible move by a company who pride themselves on luxury and craftsmanship, because this is the same move that Mercedes made when they launched the 190 series of cars, everyone believed that it would never sell, yet now by entering that market actually changed Mercedes for the better.


The company at the moment only builds around 800 cars per year, but with an average price of around £250,000 ($500,000) it is not hard to see how the figures stack up, so if they were to produce a car that was around the price of £70,000 ($140,000) would there be a market for this car? I think so, though of course this is all conjecture at the moment, but never the less is very exciting to think of all those mini Rolls Royce’s driving around town.

According to sources, the design stages have already finished, so the concept is there and once the space has been made in the factory then we could be seeing the first Rolls Royce concept car for the market very soon, maybe even within a year or so.

Source [Reuters]

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