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Rolls-Royce Introduces New Phantom Coupe Exclusively To The Middle East

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Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

Recently, a small ripple was made in the auto world as Rolls-Royce gently broke the news of the new, über-luxurious Phantom coupe they’ve introduced exclusively to the Middle Eastern market. While Rolls-Royce PR refrained from saying, “Hey, we just follow the money people,” they did attempt to distract suspicious auto experts by releasing a few coveted specs on the half-pint Rolls.

Although perhaps not as immediately attention-grabbing as the current melee in Detroit, there’s at least one industry analyst at Automoblog who wasn’t particularly captivated by Rolls-Royce’s carefully worded hype.

Never ones to kiss and tell, Rolls Royce has been notorious for keeping a tight lid on performance specs like horsepower and torque output – but not with the Phantom coupe. For the juicy (and admittedly impressive) details, hit up Automoblog.net.

Unafraid to fan the impressive plumage of their design department, Rolls Royce mouthpieces were quoted boasting that the new Phantom coupe “can be illuminated by an optional starlight headliner, more than 1,600 fibre-optics give the impression of a star-filled night sky.” Yes, because standard courtesy lights are so low socio-economic.

Photo Cred: WorldCarFans.com

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