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Rolls Royce 200EX Concept Teaser Drops Ahead Of Geneva

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Refusing to exclude rapper’s whose albums only went gold from their elite circle of clients, Rolls Royce announced last year their intention to add an “entry level” Rolls to the RR lineup that would retail for as little as $300,000. Expected to hit RR dealerships in late 2009/early 2010, design details of the new baby Rolls have been kept under tight lock and key, leaving us with only a few expertly-captured spy shots with which to satisfy our curiosity. Mercifully, Rolls Royce has finally decided to throw us a bone and in a few weeks, the official concept variant of the upcoming RR4 will make its international debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Sharing the same wheelbase as the BMW 7-Series, the Rolls Royce 200EX Concept will provide us with a basic idea of what the new RR4 will look like.

Details are just as hard to come by as pictures, but we can reasonably expect that the RR4 will share many of the same bulky, intimidating features of its older brother, the Phantom Drophead Coupe. Expected to tip the scales at over 5,000lbs, the RR4 will most likely share the same distinctive nose and clichĂ©d as its big bro, though we expect the powertrain to be a (relatively) radical departure. Nothing has been confirmed, but Rolls has hinted that RR4 could receive a revised version of the BMW X6’s twin-turbo V8 as well as a possible V12 diesel option.

UPDATE: Hours after the first teaser shot was leaked, AutoCar tipped their hand, spilling the full details on the new 200EX Concept as well as providing us with a gallery of RR-approved images. The specific numbers regarding the size and displacement of the RR4/200EX’s engine options are still unknown, but we are able to confirm that at least one option will include a 6.0L V12 fashioned after the Phantom’s 6.5L V12. Staying true to its nickname as the “baby” Rolls, the new RR4 will also measure about a foot and a half shorter then the Phantom, yet will still be significantly larger than the 7 Series with which it shares a platform.

Source: LeftLaneNews

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