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Rollerman Versus The Motorcycle

Posted in Bizarre, Human Powered Vehicles, Videos by Kurt Ernst | February 21st, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Jean-Yves Blondeau is also known by his nickname, “Rollerman”. The French industrial designer originally created his roller suit as part of his graduation project from Paris’ Olivier de Serres design school. Since then, the suit has brought him worldwide notoriety, like this race (from 2007) where Blondeau threw down against a motorcycle rider for a Japanese game show. I’d like to give you a turn by turn narration, but I don’t speak Japanese and it’s not like the action is hard to follow. So who’s faster down a mountain road, rollerman or the guy on the bike? Watch the video below to find out.

I don’t have details on the bike, the rider or the road, but it seems to me that the rider wasn’t pushing particularly hard. The absence of lean angle in the corner leads me to believe that the guy was phoning it in and had instructions to “let Rollerman win”. That doesn’t take away from Blondeau’s performance, especially since the roller suit looks damn hard to steer. Patched pavement looks particularly unpleasant to hit at speed, and I can’t image that potholes are much fun, either. I’m not averse to going fast on anything with steering and brakes, but I’ll take a pass on the roller suit. Whether or not his victory against the guy on the bike was legitimate, Blondeau is still chock full of crazy. Need further proof? Here’s another video of Rollerman in action.

Source: WTF Japan, Seriously, via Neatorama

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