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Rollerman is a 33-Wheeled Human Skate from France… Crazy French

Posted in Design, GM, Scooters, Toys by will bee | August 8th, 2007 | 1 Response |

So here is a little fun to start your day off right. Rollerman, aka Jean-Yves Blondeau, designed himself a skate lined body suit with 33-wheels strategically placed. When dressed in his roller armor Blondeau, …sorry, Rollerman takes to the streets and sidewalks and parking lots and courtyards for a wheelie good time. The super suit allows Rollerman to glide along most any paved or smooth surface in nearly any human position. On the downhill Rollerman can reach speeds of 60 mph (and that is without the addition of his jet-pack and laserbeam eyes)

Watch the videos below to get a feeling for what Rollerman can do.

So what do you think? By the year 2010 you might be seeing a Rollerman competition in the Summer X Games? Could you see someone wearing that suit on the Vert.Ramp? Or better yet, imagine Rollerman taking to the streets of San Francisco (just watchout for the rails).


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One Response

  1. Mihdi says:

    That is pretty cool. Wonder what would happen if he ever crashed at 60mph. Splat?