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Roland Sands Design Introduces The Victory Project 200

Posted in Cool Stuff, Design, General, Motorcycle, Videos by Kurt Ernst | July 30th, 2010 | 1 Response |

The Victory Project 200 is the latest bit of two-wheeled inspiration from Roland Sands Design. In concept, it sounds simple enough: take a Victory motorcycle, add bodywork and then beef up the engine until it does 200 miles per hour. RSD is planning on development in stages, and the first generation of body panels are done. Without major modification, they figure the motor should get them to about 150 miles per hour. Once their satisfied with the v-twin’s normally aspirated performance, it’s time for the turbo, which should get the to the double century mark.

If you’re asking yourself, “why not just chip a ‘Busa and be done with it?”, you miss the point entirely. It’s not about about going 200 miles per hour, since that’s already been done. It’s about going 200 miles per hour on a Victory cruiser, as only RSD could build it. Victory, in case you don’t know, is the “other” American cruiser brand, offering a slightly different interpretaion on cool from rival Harley-Davidson. If they hit their goal, plan on seeing a whole line of drag strip-oriented parts for Victory motorcycles. Of course you could probably use them on the street as well, although that may not be entirely legal in your state.

The Victory Project 200 is a work in progress from RSD, and I promise to post updates and videos as they become available. I wish RSD the best, and can’t wait to see their record run.

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  1. David Malmberg says:

    Roland, if you guys are trying to be the first twin to reach 200 mph on one of the miles, you’re late to the party.
    Team Punisher/AF1 racing went 200.8 at the Texas Mile October 2011 in Beeville, Texas with a supercharged/nitrous Aprilia RSV displacing 1060cc. So far (to the best of our knowledge)we are the only twin to go 200, the nearest team to our speed are the fine folks from Gruene Harley Davidson of New Braunfels, Tx with a 184 mph pass.