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Roland Sands Design Gives You Ol’ Vic

Posted in Design, Motorcycle Rides, Videos by Kurt Ernst | January 28th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

RSD is at it again, and this time their starting point is what looks to be a Victory High Ball Bobber. What better way to mod an old school bike than by making it more old school? Gone is the foot shifter, replaced by a suicide shifter (complete with death’s head shift knob). The black rim, chrome spoke wheels get a remake, sprayed in dull yellow with hand pinstriping. Even the tires get lettered, with “Freedom” done up in the old Firestone logo font.

The rest of the bike gets similar attention to detail. I dig the ratty thermal wrap on the exhaust, but I’m not loving the dull brown paint or the oversize Ol’ Vic and The 106 logos. The seat, on the other hand, flat out rocks, as does the primary cover and grips. I’d pitch the bars back just a bit, because I can’t imagine riding like a hunchback is all that comfortable.

RSD calls this their favorite Victory build to date. I can appreciate the aesthetics, but I’m just not feeling as much love for Ol’ Vic as I did for their Cafe Sportster. Sometimes you’re better off keeping things simple instead of working harder to try and keep them real.

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